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Dog Training Client Testimonials
Tina and "Mable", Granite Bay, CA - Phase Training
  Tina wanted her new puppy to be a solid family companion. After completing our Phase Training Program, Tina went out of her way to send us an email in which she shared, "Mabel and I learned a great deal in your training program. She is so much more advanced and well-behaved than any other dog we've had. Thank you so much. We'll definitely be in touch if we need help in the future."  
Shari and "Buster", El Dorado Hills, CA - Board & Train
Shari and her family had stopped taking Buster, their one year old German Shepherd, to their son's baseball games because Shari said she always spent the whole time trying to keep Buster calm while he went crazy wanting to chase the baseball and play with the kids. Planning a family vacation on which Buster couldn't go, Shari looked at boarding options for Buster, and ultimately decided to have Buster trained while he was boarding.

Shortly after picking up Buster upon her return, Shari sent us this note: "Since he's returned home from boot camp, Buster has been minding perfectly, and is so polite! He is amazing! He did perfect at the baseball game yesterday, and obeyed every command even when he wanted to chase the ball. He didn't flinch from Heel when he spotted another dog off leash. He didn't even tug on the leash to try to go play with it. He stayed right in Heel, and people commented on what a man he has become! I am amazed! He has come a long ways!!! Thank you SOOOO much!!"

Janey and "Honey Bee", Placerville, CA - Therapy Dog Training
As a hospice volunteer, Janey knows that dogs can be very therapeutic for people, so Janey adopted dachshund mix, Honey Bee, at 1 1/2 years old.

Honey Bee turned out to be very timid, and trembled whenever anyone approached her. Honey Bee was also terrified of going for walks, and when asked to do something as simple as Sit, Honey Bee would run away, having obviously been previously traumatized. The good news was that Honey Bee had a great temperament.

Janey and Honey Bee enrolled in our Therapy Dog Training Program, and subsequently passed their Therapy Dog Certification test with flying colors. In an e-mail to us, Janey wrote:

   "Kelvin, I can’t thank you enough for your training – you are a skilled expert. You are so good at what you do. If there’s anywhere I can recommend you in writing, let me know and I’ll do it!"

We hope you don't mind that we took you up on that offer, Janey!

Sara and "Bailey", Folsom, CA - Phase Training
  Sara was looking for the dog she always wanted when she adopted pitbull-mix Bailey as a puppy from a local shelter. Shortly thereafter, Bailey became very ill, and Sara lovingly nursed Bailey back to health for an entire month. By 10 months old, Bailey had become a handful, and Sara, understandably frustrated, was afraid she might not be able to keep Bailey. Shortly after completing our 3-Phase Training Program, over a lunch we shared she said, "I now have the dog I always wanted!" She later said, "If I had known what I learned from you when I had my previous dog, he would have been perfect, too."  
Debbie, Jason and "Blanca", Fair Oaks, CA - Class Training
Debbie and Jason attended a group training course with their 4 month old Giant Schnauzer, Blanca. Below is a note they sent to us a week after the course ended.

   "We are so thankful that we met you; to help our "BIG Little Blanca" start becoming a much more obedient girl, losing her name "Blanca the She Devil", and helping Blanca straighten US out as her pack leaders. Your training has seriously changed the 4 of us (our Mini Schnauzer is the 4th). Blanca became more and more tender to the 3 of us. She would sit in front of me while I sat on the floor, and on our last "stay" command, Blanca the Incredible made it for 5 minutes!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You are the Best!"

Michelle and "Bud", Folsom, CA - Class Training
Michelle attended a group training class with her 6 month old Doberman, Bud. Below is what she had to say about her experience.

   "The trainer, Kelvin Limm, was very friendly, well-spoken and knows what he is doing. He not only understands training, but the nature of dogs. His explanation of methods, theories, applications and philosophies was very clear, and he used real life examples. He followed up each concept in subsequent classes to help with our retention, and each class was filled with 'Aha'  moments!
   He not only facilitated the training of all of our dogs, but us as owners, and the skills we learned will help with any dog we'll own in our lives.
  In just 6 weeks I saw such a huge improvement in Bud, and Bud LOVED going to class!

  The environment being safe and friendly was HUGE for me. I thought the dividing barriers used in the first few classes was ingenious and really helped the dogs gain confidence with their environment, one another and themselves. I have been recommending this training to everyone (with a dog) that I meet."
Suresh and "Ariel", Elk Grove, CA - Class Training
  Frustrated with the training class they were in the midst of attending elsewhere, Suresh and his family enrolled in our 6-week course with 9 month old Ariel, a strong, driven female German Shepherd. Ariel literally dragged Suresh into the first training class.

Suresh's wife Rena, petite and 7 months pregnant, told us she was afraid of Ariel due to her condition and Ariel's size, strength and excitable behavior, which included jumping up on everyone. Rena said she'd never been able to even get close to the dog. After the second class, Rena told us, "This is the first time I've been able to get near Ariel."

Shortly after completing the course, Suresh submitted two videos that we posted on our Videos page, Video 6 and Video 7. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, Suresh went on to say, "The principles you taught me from the very first class, one of which is How to Communicate Clearly With Your Dog, have been invaluable, and changed my mindset entirely. Once I started being more conscious of what I was doing, and began applying your techniques to the way I interact with Ariel, she has become much more receptive to everything I teach her. Other trainers miss your principles entirely. If every dog owner knew your principles and how to apply your techniques, everything with their dogs would be a lot easier."

Janice and "Bozley", Folsom, CA - Private Training
  Janice contacted us about her rescued Yorkshire Terrier, Bozley, who was displaying "stalking, guarding and territorial behaviors". Bozley would not allow anyone near Janice when the two sat on the couch or on the bed. She went on to say, "Bozley snapped at my neighbor's 3 year old child who was sitting on the couch with us." Two days after a session with us, Janice reported, "My husband, Jim, said there is a noticeable change in the way Bozley interacts with us. While Bozley and I were on the bed, Jim walked right up to my side of the bed, and Bozley was non-reactive...really! I had Jim approach again, this time with animation, and he even quickly took a piece of paper off the bed. Again, no reaction. It's bizarre (in a positive way) to see him like this. I am so happy!"  
Julie and "Ziggy", Rocklin, CA - Phase Training
  At 100 lbs, Ziggy is a brute of a male German Shepherd who had been taught no manners by the time Julie adopted him at two years of age. When we met Julie, she was pretty much being dragged down the street on walks, despite having previously solicited the services of two other trainers. If you think a walk was difficult to manage, imagine how tough it was for Julie to control such a large powerhouse when he spotted another dog or cat! After three sessions with us, Ziggy heels beautifully, even when another dog comes by. During our third session, we brought along a female German Shepherd to engage Ziggy with play. Off leash, in the middle of their play, we had Julie call Ziggy to come. Imagine Julie's elated surprise when Ziggy immediately stopped playing and came right away! Says Julie, "Thanks for all your guidance and working with Ziggy!" You're very welcome, Julie, but you did all the work... just keep it up! Julie now also has a kitten living in the house with Ziggy.  
Deb and "Shasta", Cameron Park, CA - Phase Training
  Shasta is a one year old female German Shepherd who appeared to have no training whatsoever before Deb adopted her. Shasta was always mindful of Deb, but when another dog came into the vicinity, Shasta would get so excited she would be completely out of control. After her first session with us, Deb told us of her experience with Shasta the very next day, "Three dogs right by her and one sitting next to her WITH NO!!!!" Keep up the good work, Deb!  
Rob and "Kona", Rocklin, CA - Phase Training
  Kona is everything you would expect from an adorable, yet excitable, 5 month old female Chocolate Lab puppy. Only 6 days after our first session, Rob reports that Kona comes when called "really well", and "with a lot of enthusiasm". We can tell Rob is using our techniques with Kona, because all too often the wrong methods are used to train dogs to come, and although they do come, instead of coming enthusiastically as Rob reports of Kona, they come with their heads down, which is a very sad thing to see. So, kudos to you, Rob, for putting our techniques to work! Rob also reports that the techniques we've taught him to curb Kona's puppy mouthing are working well. He says Kona "Heels awesome", and that Kona also knows to come and sit in a Heel position when called, as well. Says Rob, "I am really happy with the way Kona is responding! Feel free to quote me." Thanks, Rob, don't mind if we do. :-)  
Cindy and "Monroe", Cameron Park, CA - Phase Training
  Monroe is an 18 month old male German Shepherd that Cindy acquired from a rescue organization. Monroe seemed calm and well-mannered while in foster care, but after Cindy adopted him and brought him home, Monroe's true nature of an unruly, disrespectful, and dominant dog began to reveal itself. The common problems of tugging an owner down the street during walks and not coming when called paled in comparison to Monroe's urination marking inside the home, demand barking, forcing himself upon people whenever he wanted, and utter disrespect for Cindy and her family. 

After only two sessions with us, Cindy says she's very pleased with the results she's seen. Not only has Monroe learned basic obedience, including heeling nicely on walks, Monroe has stopped his urination marking in the home. Cindy says, "Every single thing you've taught me to do actually works! You really do know how to train dogs!" Cindy, we actually train YOU to train your dog, and you're doing a fantastic job! ;-)

Callie and "Max", El Dorado Hills, CA - Phase Training
  Max is a 1 yr. old male German Shepherd that Callie saw was developing into a powerhouse that she wasn't easily able to handle, especially when out for walks during which they encountered other dogs out for walks.

During our first visit, not only did we have Max walking nicely in a Heel position with Callie, Callie was able to walk Max right up to a female German Shepherd, who neither Callie or Max had never met before, without any fuss from Max. Not only did Max behave like the perfect gentleman, Max performed his Sit and Down commands inches away from the other dog without even looking at her. Can you imagine a German Shepherd that's not neutered paying more attention to its owner than a female German Shepherd mere inches away?

Mindy and "Sid Vicious", Placerville, CA - Private Training
  Mindy's 6 month old male pitbull mix was uncontrollable at the door when she, or anyone else, came into the house. He also tugged her all over the place whenever she tried taking him for a walk. In fact, walks had become far and few between because of her dog's unruly behavior.

During our first onsite visit to her home, Mindy was able to go for a walk with her dog in the heel position the very first time she employed our techniques. Mindy later said that within a week of our visit, her dog also no longer goes beserk at the door. Bravo, Mindy!

Glenda, Don and "Brandy", Newcastle, CA - Private Training
  Glen and Don's 5 month old female German Shepherd had numerous behavior problems developing quite quickly. Some of the problems included blocking doorways when they tried to leave or enter the house, running amok in the backyard like a terror, unwieldly behavior on a leash that prevented them from taking her for walks, etc.

After a single visit, Don reported that Brandy "is 70% better than she was" before our visit.

Brenda and "Snoop", Granite Bay, CA - Private Training
  Snoop is a 3 yr. old male German Shorthaired Pointer that Brenda devoted much of her time developing into a wonderfully behaved dog. She previously spent a lot of money with a different training, but she did not get the results she desired.

A week after her first training session with us, Brenda said, "I'm very pleased at how much time you devote to spending with me as a dog owner. For me, that has made all the difference in what I'm now getting from training. I've never gotten a follow-up phone call from a trainer before, either, and I really appreciate you following up with me to see how I'm doing, and for the tips you offered during the follow-up call."

Jeana and "Bodacious", Placerville, CA - Private Training
  Jeana had never been able to get 2 yr. old male Sharpei/Lab mix Bodacious to walk nicely on a leash, and understandably did not get to enjoy walks with her buddy. Bodacious also fed off the frenzy of another dog in her household when someone would come over to the house.

Imagine the thrill for Jeana to experience for the first time in two years having her dog walking in a heel position just minutes into our first visit. Two weeks after our first visit, Jeana told us that she easily had her dog go to his special place when people come through the door.



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