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Association of Professional Dog Trainers Pet Partners Therapy Dogs Style Magazine Award to Kevin Limm
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Obedience, Behavior Modification, Service Dog Training, Therapy Dog Training/Certification
Style Magazine Award to Kevin Limm      Our dog training experience dates back to 1984, working with protection, security, and K9 partners of Man-Dog Patrol Teams. Over the years we've sculpted our training principles into the most effective and efficient techniques suitable for training dogs of all walks of life. We broadened our scope of training and services, as well. For example, we obtained authorization to evaluate and certify Pet Partners Therapy Dogs for those interested in therapy dog training and certification. We also volunteer as a therapy dog team on our own personal time visiting hospitals, schools and libraries.

   Training working dogs is not our only focus. If you're an owner who wants a solid family dog, we'll teach you how to shape your dog into a well-rounded and well-mannered social companion that is receptive to learning from you. And, since all dogs and owners are different, our experience in a wide range of applications enables us to choose the techniques and methods that are appropriate for the goals you have for you and your best friend. (more about us...)

  Style Magazine Award to Kevin Limm
Is this what a dog walk is like for you, even after having taken an obedience class?

Do you find training your dog to be frustrating because your dog never seems to listen?

Wouldn't this be much more fun?
     The video below shows one example of what life can be like with your best friend. The video features the incorporation of training drills and exercises into play time. Not only does this make training fun for you and your pal, this type of exercise helps you develop a strong bond with your buddy, as well as helps shape his or her behavior. This results in a dog that performs commands out of habit, and because it wants to, instead of obeying because he or she has to.

   Remember that this video is not a formal training session; it is play time with some drills casually thrown into the mix. But, note how well the dog in the video pays attention, even in the face of high distraction. Click here if you'd like to see a formal training session.

Click here to see more videos

We teach you the building blocks that set the stage for successful dog training and becoming your dog’s best friend!
Don't Blame the Dog
   As a dog owner, you have undoubtedly experienced frustration with your best buddy, from time to time. Maybe your pal got into something he or she shouldn’t have, or simply did not come when you called him or her when you were in a hurry to get to an appointment. And, even though you know it’s not always your dog’s fault, blame is easy to cast when your emotions run high.
   As a dog lover, you know in your heart that casting blame really gets you nowhere. While you obviously don't mean to do it, it just comes out when your frustration level is high. But, what you may not be aware of is the picture of yourself that you paint in your dog's eyes when doing this, which isn't particularly flattering. Think about it. Would you want to learn from, or follow a leader who acts like this? Can you really blame your dog for for not respecting you, not to mention the negative affect you're likely imparting upon the bond between you?
   It is for reasons like these that instead of training only your dog, Dog Training for Owners emphasizes training you. As your dog’s best friend, you are the best person to teach your pal because, believe it or not, your pal actually wants to please you, as well as looks to you for guidance.
   Working closely with your canine companion also strengthens the bond between the two of you, which makes communicating with your pal much easier. And, before you know it, casting blame will become a thing of the past!
Real Training, Real Results
   Dog Training for Owners is not like your run-of-the-mill trainers who receive certificates from a dog trainer’s course and then attempt to “train” your dog using cookie-cut techniques. Drawing from three decades of experience ranging from basic obedience to protection training, we know firsthand that every dog is different. Not only do dogs vary in breed, size and temperament, each dog is also a unique individual with its own personality, energy level, likes and dislikes, and so on.
   Similarly, as a dog owner, you are also different than other dog owners, and it is likely that your expectations of your relationship with your canine are different than even your next door neighbor’s expectations of his or her dog. Thus, the key to success in any dog training program begins with training the owner or handler of the dog.
        We specialize in helping you shape your buddy into the best friend you've always wanted. We’ll also teach you how to communicate effectively, and bond, with your dog. After all, it is these skills, coupled with you becoming your dog’s best friend, that form the foundation for sound training.
   While we’re prepared to work with you for as long as it takes you to achieve your goal of a true best friend, in just a few sessions you can quickly learn the principles that set the stage for success in training. And, that success will make training what it should be - fun for you and your best friend!
Training Options
     We realize that not every dog owner is that same, so we've got you covered, regardless of your lifestyle. No matter which training option(s) you decide upon, among many other things, your dog will never pull you down the street again!   

  • Select our one-on-one Phase Training and we'll show you how to use your bond with your favorite companion to incorporate appropriate, effective and proven techniques into your training.

  • Busy schedule? Drop your dog with us for Day Training.

  • Going out of town? This might be the perfect opportunity to register for our comprehensive and condensed Board and Train Boot Camp.

  • Our In-Home Training services are aimed at helping to address specific issues at home, and can be especially beneficial to those with limited mobility.

  • For those with special needs, we can also help with Therapy Dog training, Emotional Support Dog training, and Service Dog training.
Dog Acquisition Consultation
     Our Dog Acquisition Consultation is designed to help assess what type of dog is best for you, given your experience, home environment and lifestyle. We'll not only consider your current situation, but also what the future might hold for you and your prospective new pal. While there is no such thing as the perfect dog, due to greatly varied personalities, temperaments and dispositions, even within breeds, our 30+ years of experience working with dogs of all types will help you make the smartest decision you can in selecting the dog that's most appropriate for you.  
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