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Our Position on COVID-19
While we recognize the importance of safety pertaining to COVID-19, we also know chances are high that a pup will develop irreversible issues if it isn't exposed to all the things it may encounter in its lifetime, ideally, by the time it's 14 weeks old. Additionally, troubling behaviors, not only in puppies but in older dogs as well, should be addressed before they become concerning habits, and later, serious problems. Waiting until the COVID-19 pandemic has been resolved may very well be too late to help in these situations. For reasons like these, we are currently open for business, and adhering to social distancing guidelines.
Dog Training Demystifed - Seminar Series - #3
      Whether you have experience, are new to dog training, or are considering bringing a new dog into your home, this seminar is for you!

   The most common problems encountered during dog training nearly always stem from the human not really understanding dogs as a whole, let alone the individual dog. It is this lack of understanding that prevents humans from achieving desired results in their attempt to teach dogs. But, guess who gets blamed?

   While we inherently know that humans and dogs are entirely different species, we often don't give a second thought as to the difference between human and dog thought processes. Among many differences, consider the following:

  • A human is capable of running through complex logic in a split second before making a decision, while a dog typically reacts without thinking.

  • Dogs don't speak, and learn via association. Humans, on the other hand, are capable of conversation so not only can they be educated via explanations, they can also be taught something without having to first experience it.

   If that's not enough, imagine how difficult it would be for you to learn from someone from a different culture who speaks a language that is completely foreign to you. Apply that to the context of educating a dog, and it's no wonder why dog training often becomes a frustrating endeavor for both dog and human!

   Simply put, factoring into dog training the difference between human and dog thought processes will yield faster and better results. Come spend a morning with us, and we’ll show you how you can experience quick results by bridging the gap between the different ways humans and dogs think. You'll learn new and exciting techniques, applications and methods that will help you see just how effective and rewarding training can be for both you and your dog as we demystify dog training!

   Some of the many things we'll uncover include:

  • What makes your dog tick
  • How your dog learns
  • What motivates your dog
  • How to communicate with your dog in a way that he or she understands
  • How to earn respect as a fair and just leader
  • How to create balance in your dog's life
  • How to train in a manner that will enhance your bond with your best friend
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Revealing the truth about a wide variety of training tools
  • Selecting a dog that's right for you
  • The difference between Behavior Modification, Behavior Shaping, and Training
  • Differences between Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs
  • What Socialization really means, and how to ensure it is done properly
  • Debunking myths like "my puppy is too young to go out", "my puppy is too young to start training", "you can't teach old dogs new tricks", "smart dogs are easier to train", etc.
  • Why training is different in multiple-dog households
  • ... and so much more!
When: Sorry, registration for this event is closed.
Where: 321 Iron Point Road, Folsom, CA 95630
Cost: $29 first person, $15 per additional immediate family member, eg. husband, wife, son, daughter
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